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3 -axle Low Boy Trailer with removable 4th tag axle


Manufacturer: Transport Trailer

Origin: McCombMississippi

Model: FGQX-T1-40-DL

Hydraulic Folding Gooseneck w/self-contained wet kit

Rated Capacity: 40 tons

20,000 lb. Ramsey Winch

20,000 lb. Axles

12' neck;, 22' well; 1' slope; 18' rear deck; 53' total (w 4th axle attached)


Here is what we have done and/or will do:

Frame stripped of all wiring, lights, air lines, and air vales then blasted, primed,

and painted gloss black; Renew all wiring and junction boxes, air lines, valves, and

bulkhead fittings, air bags and shocks, bearings, races, wheel seals, and hub caps, 

s-cams, bushings, and  slack adjusters, brake shoes, drums were ok to re-use, air

brake chambers, pony motor and weathered hydraulic hoses, winch cable, ramps

(to tack and bridge to rear deck), lumber, reflective safety striping, & all lights with

LED fixtures.


We are not replacing all tires, only ones in need of replacement. Also, we aren't

renewing trailing arm bushings, nor pins and bushings in folding neck. Lastly, we are

not reworking hydraulic cylinders, they were reworked just prior to our acquisition

so the seals are still relatively new.


This trailer is capable of loading and hauling 6700 Tampers (Both Big Cab and Small Cab), 

Mark III Tampers, and most other rail equipment. Mark IV Tampers can be hauled with an

additional set of ramps built.










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