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We are individually owned.

We are not affiliated with any other company, nor are

we partnered with any other company or individual.  

However, we are excited to announce that we are now working with  www.railiron.com  in a joint venture to provide you better service in the sales and leasing of equipment.  Please visit their site, or call Troy @ 970-466-2886.

Our Mission Statement:

Building a strong foundation for the future while providing products and services to the rapidly growing Railroad Construction and Maintenance of Way Industry.

While "Equipment Sales" has always been our primary business, that has certainly not been the only thing we specialize in. 

   Railway Equipment Services, Inc. specializes in hauling rail equipment. Our drivers are experienced in the handling of railroad machinery as well as other construction equipment. Our Fleet of late model trucks are equipped with hydraulic folding neck low-boy trailers designed to load/unload rail mounted equipment directly onto railroad tracks! Please visit our Equipment Hauling link for more information on this service.

Equipment Leasing has also become a #1 service to our customers.  Due to the changes in our economy, we saw the huge need to expand this department.  We are now able to offer many units for immediate lease, and can get others ready for you in a short amount of time once you call us.  Equipment Leasing is an important avenue for any contractor out there, and we will do all we can to assist you.   

Track Services is also a line that has grown over the years.  Our track surfacing crews are Tamping and Regulating and have the reputation that will not be surpassed.  They will get the job done!  We own our equipment, so we are able to keep it running, and if we have to send another unit out, WE CAN.   

     We have additional services offered including On-Track Brushcutting.

     We have a large selection of new and used parts, and a few "parts machines."

     We strive to have an excellent business to business relationship, and business to customer relationship. This offers a broad spectrum of resources in helping you meet your needs.

Railway Equipment Services, Inc. is privately owned and operated and is not affiliated with, partners with or co-operated with any other entity, business, company or persons.  Our office is located in Oil City, LA. This is the only office we operate. Any questions should be directed to our office.

We are not affiliated with any other company, nor are we partnered with any other company or individual. We are individually owned.

     Please Contact Us by phone or email for more information.

 Major credit cards accepted: Visa/MC

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